From its inception Freemasonry has provided support for many widows and orphans of Freemasons as well as for others within the community. Its charitable activities spread far and wide across the globe. Whether locally, nationally or globally Freemasons willing volunteer their time and money to help others. Today we are one of the UK’s top charities raising over £33 million a year and one of its main grant-giving bodies.

Also responding to international disaster appeals.

The provincial grand lodge of Warwickshire in 2017 donated £145,050.00 for Non-Masonic Charities.

Proudly, Yenton Lodge has been helping and supporting for over 100 years donating £84,600 which equates to the equivalent of £462,000 In 2011 economics (using year by year inflation)

On Saturday 26th October 2019 the Worshipful Master, W.Bro. Maurice Summers and his Lady Pam, held a formal Ladies’ Evening at the Fairlawns Hotel, Aldridge.  The event was attended by 69 guests who were provided with a welcome drink and entertained by a roving magician who astounded everyone with his variety of tricks.

Guests enjoyed a four course Dinner plus coffee and mints during which the magician continued to astound them with his professional magic.

Following dinner, there were the usual toasts and of course, an appeal on behalf of charity.  The evening was rounded off with a disco and also a photo booth for guests to dress-up and have fun.

Charity Appeal

As is the tradition at such events, a charity appeal was made for the charity chosen by the Worshipful Master’s lady.  Pam had chosen the Daybreaks Trust which is dedicated to helping Greyhounds find Loving Homes, particularly those dogs that have been retired from racing at the Birmingham Perry Barr Dog Track.  The appeal raised the magnificent sum of £505.  Additional to the appeal, a raffle was also held which raised £311 making a grand total of £816 for the evening.

The plight of greyhounds is not known by the majority of people.  By way of explanation, a copy of the appeal is included at the end of this item.

A few Pictures from the Evening

Before the guests arrived

A couple of guests


The W.M. taking a moment to relax


Fun with the Photo Booth

Presentation of the cheque for £816 raised on the evening

Daybreaks Trust

Daybreaks Trust is a charity dedicated to improving Daybreaks Kennels, the rehoming centre for Greyhounds from Perry Barr Race Track.

They are located on the A45 near to Birmingham Airport.  It is a charity very close to Pam’s heart as her younger daughter and son-in-law adopted an ex-racer four years ago.

  • Quite a few of us have enjoyed a night out at The Dogs watching six greyhounds at a time, racing each other round the track.
  • Very few of us know anything of the life of a greyhound and especially what happens after their racing career is over.
  • Each year approximately 8000 greyhounds retire from racing in the UK. Most are typically between 3 and 5 years old, although some are as young as 18 months. They are not old dogs; they are sadly no longer considered to be of any use as a racer and therefore a liability to be disposed of.
  • The average greyhound will live 12-14 years. They are renowned for being a generally healthy breed, not susceptible to issues commonly suffered by other breeds. They are intelligent, calm, docile dogs, good with children, and they make excellent pets.


  • Daybreaks Kennels cares for 16 retired greyhounds at any one time who are waiting to find a caring and forever home. They currently have a waiting list of 100 dogs.

Most racing greyhounds will have lived their entire racing career in kennels and not a home environment. Many volunteers foster dogs for a few nights so that the dog can experience all the unfamiliar sights and sounds of a home, and the outside world. When dogs are walked, they wear trackers on their collars enabling them to be located were they to accidentally break free – these all add to the costs of running the kennels.

  • When a retired greyhound arrives at Daybreaks they often have need for veterinary attention. Vets bills are typically between £3000-5000 per month.
  • The costs associated with food, heating, water and security etc. is very significant. Thankfully, there is a team of enthusiastic and dedicated staff and volunteers which goes a long way to keeping staff costs down. They work incredibly hard and give a lot of love and care to the ex-racers in order to prepare them for life as a pet.
  • Daybreaks is a charity which needs donations to continue and expand the work that they do to ensure the welfare and re-homing of these beautiful animals. Without Daybreaks (and other similar charities), there would be many more dogs illegally disposed of.
  • Please support them and help as many greyhounds as possible have the long, happy and contented life that they deserve.
I and my Lady Judith would like to thank everyone for their support during my year as master (2017-2016)
Especially for their generosity raising £200 to Acorns Trust, £200 to the Masonic Fishing Charity and £211 to Proud (downs syndrome)
Also, with the help of outside functions £1753 to Queen Alexandra college.
This is one reason why I am a mason. W.Bro. Steven B Jones

Queen Alexandra College, as a direct result in our fundraising efforts, has now purchased a new vehicle (as demonstrated by Guy Underwood), which will enable more students to take part in trips and recreational activities as part of their programmes and IP provision.


As a charity, such donations are really valuable to us and I would like to take this opportunity, on behalf of students, staff and governors here at QAC to say thank you for your support and generosity. I know the donation was a result of your hard work and effort with regards to events you had organised, so well done and thank you.

Sarah Caldwell
Fundraising & Grants Manager

The Worshipful Master and his lady Pam held their Charity BBQ lunch, a cheque for £520.00 was forwarded to IPF (Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis) in memory of their late son-in-law Tom.